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mobile securityBest mobile security tips for Android users.

Keep your smartphone and data secure by applying the tips in the article below. Find out how to prevent people from accessing your device, discover how you can browse the web securely, and more.

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mobile appsTop 10 apps to install on a new Android phone.

So, you have gotten a new device, and it came preloaded with lots of unwanted programs. Fortunately, there are several fantastic, 100% free apps that should be installed on every single smartphone.

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phone batteryHow to extend your phone's battery life.

Most smartphone manufacturers use larger and larger displays for their products, but this drains those thin batteries much faster. Reduce power consumption by tweaking the apps, disabling the radios, etc.

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officeOffice 365 and Android - a winning combination.

Many people use their smartphones as desktop replacements these days. The hardware is improving, and apps such as Microsoft Office for Android are closer than ever to their desktop-based equivalents.

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vpnBeginner's guide to virtual private networks.

Want to access sites and services that are hosted in restricted regions? This article will help you choose a good virtual private network, which can be used to bypass censorship, while keeping your data private.

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smartphone travelHow to prepare your smartphone for travel.

Use a password/fingerprint authentication system, download an app that tracks data usage, update your cell phone, install the needed apps, put all the devices into airplane mode, buy a local SIM card, etc.

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