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Welcome to Android Apps Home.

My name is Daniel. I am an Android app developer. My fascination with mobile app development has been gaining momentum for about five years now, but it really took off when I discovered the Android OS.

I have built this site as a side project to vent my thoughts and see if I can turn it into a business. So, if you think it is a useful resource, please consider donating a little.

Recent Apps Stories

ar serviceLego launches AR service which lets users create music videos and dance clips.

The company will launch a social video service that uses AR, allowing its users to create music videos and dance clips, apply various effects, and then share the results with their friends. It's TikTok for kids, if you will, but Lego has promised to moderate all the content strictly.


social networkClubhouse is a social network of audio chat rooms focused on various topics.

The new invite-only social media platform uses audio-based chat rooms that focus on various topics. Clubhose is currently in beta, but it seems to be really easy to use: choose a room, and you will join a... webinar where industry experts take turns discussing a particular subject.


malwareNew wormable malware spreads through WhatsApp, asking victims to download app.

Hackers have used WhatsApp to trick people into downloading a fake Huawei app from a website masquerading as Google's Play service. Once that the malware is installed on the victims' devices, it will start to generate revenue through fraudulent advertising techniques.


The Evolution of Mobile Networks


The first mobile network ever used an analog communication system. It only provided support for voice calls (no SMS, etc.)


The switch from analog to digital data made it possible to encrypt conversations, send SMS & MMS, and more.


This upgrade increased data-transfer speed significantly, allowing people to access the Internet, make video calls, etc.


The current version of the technology emphasizes network access speeds, being almost 1000% faster than 3G.


The next generation of mobile networks. Specialists claim that the fastest version - mmWave - can reach speeds of 2 Gbit/s.

Popular Blog Posts.

mobile securityBest mobile security tips for Android users

These are the most effective security tips you should implement this year. They will prevent you from becoming a victim of mobile malware attacks, while improving the performance of your smartphone.

1. Enable the passcode/fingerprint-based lock screen.

Keeping your smartphone secure will always be the best way to prevent major security issues, especially when you consider what tools modern hackers can get hold of. Using a complex passcode in conjunction with the fingerprint unlocking method is a great way to prevent anyone from accessing your device without having your permission. Additionally, smartphones that aren't protected using a password can be hacked much easier by people who try to get access to their content remotely.

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mobile appsTop 10 apps to install on a new Android phone

So, you have sold your old phone because you've gotten the newest flagship. What should you do now? Begin by retrieving the user/pass combinations for your Gmail account and other accounts you may need, such as Samsung ID. Transfer all the needed data and apps to your new smartphone, and then make sure to install the 10 apps highlighted below.

1. Firefox.

Yes, most Android phones come with Samsung's and/or Google's browsers, but if you want to keep your data private, Firefox is among the best solutions out there. This browser allows you to surf the web privately; its makers won't collect, and won't sell your data to advertisers. Additionally, it can keep in sync its tabs, history, and even settings with the desktop-based version of Firefox.T

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phone batteryHow to extend your phone's battery life

Most smartphone makers are moving toward modular designs. This means that the internals can be made smaller, and there are fewer moving parts to heat up. It also keeps the battery size smaller. However, the current trend of larger and larger screens leads to poor battery life. On top of that, demanding apps require more energy, and few developers take the time to optimize their software. The good news is that the six strategies highlighted below will help you use your phone's battery efficiently.

1. Check the power efficiency of the apps you run often.

Some apps are built with the goal of saving energy, while others need to use more processor cycles, and thus require more power. Not only that, but some of these apps want to run at all times, even when they don't actually need to!

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